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“Life is beautiful not because of the things we see or do. Life is beautiful because of the people we meet.” – Simon Sinek

This quote from Simon Sinek very rightly defines the bonding and friendship that we the members of Aikatan and all the other AEIE’ns of NSEC share with one another. The friendship and harmony that blossoms during our college days encompasses and embraces life beyond college and surely stays with us, and grows stronger with each passing day until life draws its curtains on us.

I can say this with all firmness that our AEIE department has never believed in the evolution of friendships on the basis of age as a deciding factor. The bonds and ever lasting friendships that our department has seen over the years have gone beyond classrooms. Such is our unfettering bond that it erases off the line between “seniors” and “juniors”. Each one of us feels blessed to be a member of this huge, happy family called AEIE.

Once again, like all the other years, the time to relive and refurnish this lovely bond has arrived! It’s the most awaited day on the AEIE calendar which raises a toast to this HUGE family. SAMHAR 2020 is knocking on the door! Let’s get together, laugh and celebrate on the occasion of SAMHAR 2020! The final date for the event to be posted soon! Let’s turn up the excitement!

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